Students From The E.E. João Kopke During One Of Many Walks From The School To The Planting Area, In Front Of A Land Slide Due To A Deforested Slope.


Many people have collaborated with the Mil Folhas Project for the past 22 years. Some names have been forgotten, unfortunately, but their dedication is present in the more than 320,000 trees that have been planted all these years. Below is a list of people, with their last names in alphabetical order, and a few collaborators whose actual names we never learned, and only their nicknames remained. The important thing is, their contribution will always be remembered, and very much valued:

  • Aylton (Juninho) Alves
  • Baiano (capoteiro)
  • Tamar Bajgielman
  • Maria Lúcia Nova da Costa
  • Diguinho
  • Leonardo Ciuffo Faver
  • Ricardo Ganem
  • Orlando Graeff
  • Kazumi Hayama
  • Molly and Philip Jenkins
  • Renaud Jordão
  • Paulo Kageyama
  • Midori Katsumoto
  • Teachers and Students from Escola Municipal João Kopke
  • Jan van der Lande
  • Thomas Laubisc
  • Toninho Lima
  • Anna Karla Machado
  • Cesar Mascarenhas
  • Lulú Mascarenhas
  • The team of EMATER in Petrópolis
  • The team of IEF in Petrópolis
  • Maria do Rosário
  • Joel Julio da Silva
  • Luizinho & Sardinha
  • John Schoellerman
  • Marcos Taquechel
  • Denise Tarín
  • Maria Alice (Cice) da Silva Telles
  • Tião
  • Isabella Torquato
  • Pieter Woudt
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